Kanchenjunga / Makalu - Oct-Nov 2017

Map Images from a trek in eastern Nepal with a visit to the northern border region west of Kanchenjunga, then along the GHT to Makalu.

Up the Tamur

The path along the Tamur river takes us north into the mountains

Olangchung Gola

A village on the trade route with Tibet/China.

To Yangma

Farther north along Yangma Khola


A yak herding village on a smaller trail leading to Tibet

Border beyond Yangma

Three nights in a wild camp with day visits to the border

Return to Olanchung Gola

After passing back through Yangma part of our group heads east to Kanchenjunga, a few of us return to Olangchung Gola before heading west to Makalu

Across Lumba Sumba to Thudam

From the Lumba Sumba pass we have views to both Kanchengjunga and Makalu


After a two-day walk from Thudam we have a rest day in a village above the Arun river surrounded by fields of millet

High Route Alternate

A local guide leads us on an alternate route through wild country to Molun Pokhari and again the Tibetan border

Barun Valley

The valley is the final stage leading to Makalu


Makalu is the worlds fifth highest mountain at 8485m (27838 ft), has a view to Everest to the west

Descent to Num

The final stage takes us back through the Barun valley and south to a roadhead in Num, finally a drive to the airport in Tumlingtar



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